Thursday, September 26, 2013

Zane Grey RV Park

Well, we've been here a little over a week and a half and been busy getting the lay of the land, so to speak.  We e-mailed Terrence at Happy Jack to say we are passing on his offer to work there again next summer.  We've been kind of playing cat & mouse about working here next year.  The owners were on vacation when we got here, but they have now returned and we've kind of gotten the conversation started.  Jaque & Gary are their names.  I've indicated to Jacque that we are definitely interested, and she suggested that we are free to shadow the current hosts at any time.  Bill has talked to Gary & he seems concerned about the correct way to use the blower as well as their costs.  So guess we need to get into the working mode and see how it goes. 

As for the area, we really like it.  The traffic noise is somewhat heavy at times, but the back of the park offers lots of trees and a path down to the creek.  There's a little bench right by the creek that a I would be a good place to do my devotions.  The other day I did some yoga poses there, of course, can't do lying down ones, too rocky!  The weather is cool at night & morning, but hot in the afternoon.  Today it's super windy.

We went to the Community Methodist Church on certainly was a lively congregation and definitely felt the love of the Lord.  This Sunday we'll try Parkview...just trying to see where we will fit so if we return next spring we'll have a preview. 

Monday and today we rode the Goldwing over to Cottonwood to go to the Recreation Center which is fairly new and has a multitude of classes including in the beautiful pool.  It's about 18 or so miles, but it is so worth the drive.   Today I took a bone & balance class as well as water aerobics.  Wow, that was quite a workout...I took a couple Aleve when I go home to hopefully ward off the soreness I may feel tomorrow.
Our friends, Carol & Steve Fairbanks, that work at Dead Horse State Park told us about it.  With our Silver Sneakers membership it's free.  May have to pay $2 for some of the water classes.  Cottonwood has many more stores than here including Walmart, Home Depot, etc.  We also visited Montezuma Well and Tuzigoot National Monuments.  So many places that the Indians dwelled so many years ago.

I'm currently reading a book by Zane Grey about a woman that came west at the request of her childhood sweetheart to be his wife and partner in building a cattle ranch.  It is so interesting because of the area they are in...between Flagstaff and Payson, is  the area around Happy Jack!  It was a tough life back then.

Tuesday we drove down to Phoenix to begin the process of getting Bill's VA records transferred from Florida to Arizona.  What a huge facility.  There was a sign that said that Price of Freedom was definitely visible there or something like that, and so true!  We feel so blessed to be walking around on 2 feet and feeling healthy.

Saturday morning they have coffee and donuts/fruit here at the pavilion.  Last Saturday we met several of our neighbors and we'll meet more this Saturday.  Saturday is River Day at the state park, so we may go over there after the coffee!  Oh by the way, we bought a Nutri-Bullet right after moving here so we've been having a veggie/fruit drink for breakfast every morning.  We had started over a  month ago drinking Garden of Eden's Raw Meal drink, but I think that actually drinking the real thing will be healthier and beneficial in our quest to remain healthy as we continue into our senior years, speaking of which I have a birthday coming up next week!  More later!

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  1. Hello, I replied to your comment on my blog, but no reply. I tried to send email, but was received nondelivery. So, here I am posting on your blog. We will be in AZ this winter and leaving OH on 8 Oct. If you are still in AZ this winter maybe we can meet up. Until then, be safe on the road.