Sunday, April 20, 2014

Time to Leave!

Today is Easter! Tomorrow we are pulling up stakes and heading for our next adventures. We accepted a job in South Dakota and we are supposed to start on May 9. So why are we leaving so soon you might be asking. Well for starters our job here is finished. The gift shop officially closed last if we stay here we would have to start paying rent! Ouch! Also can you believe the temperatures here are already in the 90's during the day. Now it's a dry heat but it is still HOT! It is hard to imagine living here in the summer as it gets up to the 120 some days. That's why when we worked up at Happy Jack last summer we had so many people came Kip from the valley for relief.
Since we have plenty of time to get there we decided this would be a good opportunity for me to visit my sister in Ohio. So I made a reservation out of Denver on Thursday, 4/24 so we have 3days to get there. Bill & Tozer will stay in a campground closely. I've given him several chores to accomplish while I 'm gone.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Fun Continues!

It's already Sat. February 8 and we are working in the gift shop today so I'll try to blog a little between customers. It is a beautiful sunny day so there are a lot of people at the pool. No Happy hour today...Tues thru Fri they have different bands from 3 to 5 pm. We work on Fri. & Sat. 11am to 5pm. In my last post I didn't say anything about the new business I've started...we'll partially because at that time I wasn't sure if I was going to work it as a business but now I am! And wow now my life has taken a whole new turn. The product and company is called Jusuru. I saw it first at our "country store" that is held every Fri AM. From that I attended a wellness class, enrolled as a wholesale member and now I'm an I Rep! The product is a proprietary blend of liquid collagen, hyaluronicacid and chondroitin sulfate with resveratrol an 13 super fruits known for their anti oxidents. I was interested in it because of my joint discomfort and it's anti-aging properties. I had been kind of looking for some type of business that I could do as we travel so this to be perfect. As of now I have 3 people enrolled, so that means I'll get my next case of product free! But I want Bill to get started on it so will be ordering some for him as well.
Speaking of Bill, he is starting his own business too! Through he went to a training in October to become a certified RV maintenance as well as an RV Inspector which would be like a home inspector. We had to set up an LLC which we named White Stone Enterprises, LLC. Got the name from Revelations 2:17. Sort of like getting a new name & a fresh start! You may have read about Baby boomers re-inventing their lives....that's what we are doing.