Sunday, April 20, 2014

Time to Leave!

Today is Easter! Tomorrow we are pulling up stakes and heading for our next adventures. We accepted a job in South Dakota and we are supposed to start on May 9. So why are we leaving so soon you might be asking. Well for starters our job here is finished. The gift shop officially closed last if we stay here we would have to start paying rent! Ouch! Also can you believe the temperatures here are already in the 90's during the day. Now it's a dry heat but it is still HOT! It is hard to imagine living here in the summer as it gets up to the 120 some days. That's why when we worked up at Happy Jack last summer we had so many people came Kip from the valley for relief.
Since we have plenty of time to get there we decided this would be a good opportunity for me to visit my sister in Ohio. So I made a reservation out of Denver on Thursday, 4/24 so we have 3days to get there. Bill & Tozer will stay in a campground closely. I've given him several chores to accomplish while I 'm gone.

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