Monday, February 25, 2013

Catching Up

After spending 3 months caring for our precious grandbaby we moved on to an RV Park in Lower Alabama where we would be fairly close to Bill's sister in Crestview, FL  who was in poor health.  We decided we could visit her while we looked for a Workamping position somewhere in the area.  Our goal in becoming fulltime RVers was to become workampers, wherein we would contract with an RV park to work in whatever capacity they need us in return for free rent.  We belong to an organization called where they help bring workers and campground owners/managers together.  They even offer help with putting together a resume to showcase our skills and talents. 
Well, low and behold, we handed our resume to the owner of Azalea Acres where we were and a few days later she offered us our first job!   I would work in the office and Bill would ride the golf cart around to pick up trash and we would share cleaning duties (restrooms, community room and laundry room)  Isn't great how God works things out!?!
So we started in January, 2012 and our new retirement career was off the ground!  Azalea Acres is a fairly new campground started by a couple who were looking for their retirement career!  The husband was still working in the construction industry and his wife, Gaye, runs the campground.   The majority of their campers are "snowbirds" that come from various northern states to enjoy a warmer climate for winter.  Most of them arrive in October or November and the exodus north starts the end of March! 
We were also fortunate to find our next  "gig" by displaying our resume on the website.
We had decided to work in Ohio which is where we had lived most of our lives before moving to Florida.

Well more on that next time....

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Post

Well, here I am...after much procrastination finally getting started on my goal to Blog about our new lifestyle.

We've been full-time RV'ers since May, 2011.  We were both still working and our house in St. Augustine had finally sold after being the market for a year and a half.  I retired the end of July & Bill retired the end of August.  Our first grandchild, Abigail Mikaela, was born August 12 in Columbus, GA.  So off we went to Georgia.  Gave the parents a month of bonding with their new baby, then in October we started babysitting for little Abbey while parents, Mike & Michelle went back to work.  What a joy to see her grow and develop those first three months!  Forgot what it was like since Mike was born some 32 years before!  But it didn't take too long to get into the groove!