Thursday, March 21, 2013

Goodbyes continued....

Saying goodbye to Carole was fairly quick & easy as her therapists were still working with her helping her get a shower & get dressed. She had just put on one of the new outfits I had purchased at Walmart (with her money). She looked good in the turquoise color top & pants. Sorry I didn't take the time to take a picture. A quick hug & then hugs to both Cheryl & Mark and I was on my way. No time for tears as I knew she was in good hands.

After stopping at the Havar office to turn in the apartment key & talking briefly to Carla, then gassing up the the Fiat I was on my way to Dayton Airport. Roads were good all the way but Columbus definitely had more snow. When I stopped at a rest stop I almost got run over by a snow plow! Had to park with the big boy trucks and trudge through the snow and slush to the restroom! Proud of myself for getting to the airport in plenty of time. Treated myself to a matcha latte. Discovered the benefit of match a tea at the tea room in Cinti as well as an Internet post saying how many anti oxidants it has. Definitely plan upon buying some soon & adding it to my stash. It did give me a bit of the jitters but could have been the sugar or the trip anxiety.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saying goodbyes

Hard to believe I've been back from Ohio over a week and haven't written since then. When I woke up the last day there was about 2 inches of snow. Been a long time since I've had to clean the snow off my car! Luckily it was just a little Fiat. I loved that little thing. So fun to drive...had the option of shifting gears without a clutch or just using automatic..after I figured out why I couldn't go faster! Good thing I didn't ruin the transmission. Anyway, got to meet Carole's OT & PT therapists and made me feel so much more confident about her progress and care. They assured me she was doing well and should be home in the allotted timeframe. They do a home inspection first and make sure of all safety features needed. Since Carole won't be going back to her job is another plus. She called McDonalds from the rehab & told them she quit...good for her! There are no steps in the apt bldg and her neighbors will look out for her. She'll still have Havar services and home health visits too. So praying that all will go well there. I was able to stop at Havar and talk to Carla the program Manager before heading to Dayton airport.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Afternoon Entertainment!

Enjoying listening to The Back Porch Swing Band at The Laurels with Carole. They have lots of a activities here!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Trip to Ohio!

Flew to Dayton on Wednesday 2/27. Net up with cousins Mary, Patty, Ike , Delores & Julie. Then drove to Cincinnati my BFF Jan's house. Thursday went to dentist office I used to work for to get teeth cleaned. Then went to Essencia Tea house for lunch date with Jan, Sally, Diane. Lots of laughs and delicious food. Had dinner with Jan & Dave at Skyline Chili..yum. Today I drove to Athens for the reason for my trip, to visit my sister Carole who is on a rehab facility after breaking her leg before Christmas. It was kind of a shock to see her at first sitting in a wheelchair looking much older than the last time I saw her on September. But after spending some time with her I felt better about her status. She's doing we'll with therapy. She can stay out of her home until end of April without losing her. Services from Havar.. The agency that provides home visits. Carole has intellectual disabilities. Up until the fall she was working 2 mornings at Mc Donald's. She just moved from a house to a senior apartment complex in November. I'm staying at her apartment while here. It's so much nicer than that old house. Met some of her neighbors and they expressed concern for her. It's about time me to get to's been a busy couple of days.