Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mesa Regal

Gift Shop
Wow, can't believe we have been here for 2 months already! Our job here is working in the gift shop which is located on the patio right by the pools. We work on Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm in exchange for free rent & electricity. Plus we can take advantage of all the amenities which are too numerous to mention all. I take exercise classes, there's a fitness gym, we joined the computer club which offers classes & I 'm taking a Spanish class. They have a billiards room, poker room, bingo, card games, dominoes, tennis, pickle ball, bocce ball & various crafts! It would be hard to get bored. Guess that's why it's taken me so long to blog....well time management too.
We are only 9 miles from Mike's house so we get to see Abbey at least once a week. We just started taking her out on Sunday afternoons for a little while. First time was to a local airport because she loves airplanes (where does she get that from?). Last week we took her to see a collection of Nativity scenes from around the world. She's only 2 so she doesn't understand yet but she liked the animals! We really enjoy being close by.
She just had surgery to remove her adenoids & put tubes in her ears. She's had a lot of upper respiratory issues so hoping this helps. Mike, Michelle & Abbey just left to go to Memphis area to have Christmas with her family. We will miss them but the Workampers here at the resort are getting together for a potluck dinner. There are over 100 Workampers doing all kinds of jobs. There are 2000 sites of which about half are park models.
Mesa is a Mecca for snowbirds, many from Canada as well as the northwestern states, but also from the east & some from England! So we've met many new people and developing new friendships.
It's also a thriving metropolis, so many stores & restaurants. We have also found a church we really like and attend on Saturday eve when we get off work.