Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Fun Continues!

It's already Sat. February 8 and we are working in the gift shop today so I'll try to blog a little between customers. It is a beautiful sunny day so there are a lot of people at the pool. No Happy hour today...Tues thru Fri they have different bands from 3 to 5 pm. We work on Fri. & Sat. 11am to 5pm. In my last post I didn't say anything about the new business I've started...we'll partially because at that time I wasn't sure if I was going to work it as a business but now I am! And wow now my life has taken a whole new turn. The product and company is called Jusuru. I saw it first at our "country store" that is held every Fri AM. From that I attended a wellness class, enrolled as a wholesale member and now I'm an I Rep! The product is a proprietary blend of liquid collagen, hyaluronicacid and chondroitin sulfate with resveratrol an 13 super fruits known for their anti oxidents. I was interested in it because of my joint discomfort and it's anti-aging properties. I had been kind of looking for some type of business that I could do as we travel so this to be perfect. As of now I have 3 people enrolled, so that means I'll get my next case of product free! But I want Bill to get started on it so will be ordering some for him as well.
Speaking of Bill, he is starting his own business too! Through he went to a training in October to become a certified RV maintenance as well as an RV Inspector which would be like a home inspector. We had to set up an LLC which we named White Stone Enterprises, LLC. Got the name from Revelations 2:17. Sort of like getting a new name & a fresh start! You may have read about Baby boomers re-inventing their lives....that's what we are doing.

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