Friday, October 11, 2013

Zane Grey continued....

Just a few more days here in Camp Verde before heading to Mesa for the winter!  It really started to feel like Fall here yesterday.  The Cottonwood trees are really shedding their leave.  It was only 46 degrees as we headed for the rec center at 9am.  It eventually warmed up to the high 60's.  So that was our last visit to the rec center for this year.  I really loved being able to to take the classes and we were faithful to go 2 times a week for the month we were here.  We had lunch at Panda time remind us just to order one meal & share.  Oh well, it served as our dinner, too!.  On the way back I had scheduled a massage appt. here in Camp Verde.  Every time we came through this area over the summer, I had seen a banner advertising 1hour massages for $19!  Oh, why didn't I schedule sooner!?!? (well partly because it was so far from Happy Jack!)  Anyway it was a full fledged massage & after the $19 one you can get 2 a month for $25 each, if only one a month it's $40..still a good deal.  The massage therapist also works in Sedona & they charge $120 an hour!   Well everything is more expensive in Sedona!  Speaking of which on Monday after the gym we rode the Goldwng to Sedona and hiked a little at one of the trails.  I had wanted to do that since we came.  Originally I thought we were going to be closer to Sedona while in Happy Jack.  Pics follow!

We still haven't decided if we want to come back to this park to work next summer.  Another option is Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood.  The big draw for me is that it's closer to the rec center, besides being a beautiful park, and our friends Carol & Steve just loved working there this summer.  They are headed to a state park in California for the winter..Cuyamucha in Julian, close to San Diego.  However, I'm thinking we should probably work at a park that we get paid again for the summer.  Last night I researched a place in Colorado, Mesa Verde National Park (closed now of course due to the gov shut down), but they have facilities run by a company called Aramark.  It's not that far out of AZ, in fact its called the 4 corners area, CO, UT, NM & AZ.  Anyway something to think about & getting to see new territory.  Time will tell!

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