Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last Day at Happy Jack Lodge & RV Resort

I was reminded by a friend yesterday that I haven't been blogging much and that sure is true!  Here it is our last day at Happy Jack.  We gave a 30 day notice that we would be leaving early (was supposed to be mid to end of October).  There were other times early on that we wanted to leave,espeially after the first holiday weekend..Memorial Day!  The store was so busy as well as the phone that we didn't know if we would make it...but guess what, we did.  Then came the 4th of July & same thing.  We even went looking around for other RV parks where we could just chill out the rest of the summer but ended up without a decision so with that we just ended up sticking it out.  Only one more holiday weekend, Labor Day so we figured we were "seasoned" enough that we could do it!!!   We invited Mike, Michelle & Abbey to come up on that Sunday & they did!  Arrived around 7PM.  Mercy, the Mgrs' wife covered the front desk for us and we all had dinner at the restaurant.  On top of that she didn't even charge us for the food.  We weren't scheduled for Monday, so we had pancakes & bacon on the grill for breakfast and grilled burgers for a late lunch. It was so much fun to have Abbey here and you bet we showed her off! 

Today we were scheduled to work from 1-5PM, but Terrence texted us that we didn't need to work.  They are having a party for us at 5PM....well it's for all the employees, but since we are leaving & others will be leaving soon it was decided to have it tonight. 

So instead of working, we took the opportunity to borrow Kenny's quad & go for a ride.  It was our first time to ATV and that's the big thing up here, just about everyone has at least one or two or more!  And what a ride it was.  I don't think I've ever held on to Bill so tightly!  We went on one of the forest roads that are all muddy due to all the rain we've had lately!  And speaking of rain, as we were trying to find our way out of the woods it started thundering and then raining and raining.  A few time we thought we were lost, and more than once I thought we were going to tip over but that Honda was amazing taking over the hills, rocks, puddles and all and praise the Lord we finally found the main road back to the RV park.  I can see why they are so popular but I can also see why people are going for the bigger ones that have seatbelts and roll bars!  The forest roads are so much easier to plow through....we have tried it in the truck before and that was scary! (probably a little stupid too!) 

Well all for now, have to dry my hair & get ready for the party.  Going to try to attach pics later from my phone.

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