Thursday, August 22, 2013

Party Time

Last night we hosted a dinner for our fellow work campers at Happy Jack.  We had everything set up to have it outside with our 10x10 canopy even with the screen sides.  Bill was set up to grill the was sort of an  Octoberfrst theme even though it's August.  I was inspired by the fact that I still had 2 packages of Cincinnati chili left.  I also made wsome German potato salad complete with bacon & it's grease.  Oh I just remembered I totally forgot the sauerkraut!  Oh we'll, just after everyone got here a big storm came up 
and we had to move indoors.  Now this is the first time we have had 8 people in here at one time!  But as it turned out it was much more fun & intimate of a gathering than we've had previously.  The fun began when lighting struck something nearby & it set off our smoke alarm.  I handed Kenny a bag of  shredded cheese that I forgot was opened to fan the alarm & cheese landed all over Andy as we as the carpet!  That brought apt of laughs as well as quick action from everyone to start picking up the cheese shreds..I brought out my Shark hand vac which was losing its charge, but we got most of it picked up.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the chili & Bill did grill the brats out in the rain. He and a couple of the guys had to take down the canopy.  We also discovered today that our awning got ripped in the corner.  But the good news was the conversation started after I noted that we all happened to be believers in The Lord Jesus.  Several shared stories about their faith and it almost felt like a small group Bible study.... Proving that we could possibly host a small group in the future if God wills that for us.  Unfortunately I did 't get any pics!

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