Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Jack Memories

It seems I'm always in arrears as I post, but before I start posting about our current location, I wanted to add to the few posts I've already done about our summer at Happy Jack Lodge & RV Resort.  When we arrived in late April, we found out that both Bill & I were to be working at the reservation desk/store counter.  I was fine with that, but Bill was somewhat dismayed since he thought he'd be working outside as he's done in the past.  First, learning the computer system was somewhat daunting for me, but Bill was really out of his element.  We had to take reservations for the over 100 site campground but also the 350+/- site storage lot.  End of the day we had to balance the receipts, etc.  The first few weeks got us pretty well oriented and were supposed to be gearing up for the first holiday weekend...Memorial Day.   And what a weekend it was!  Honestly, we were ready to quit.  Oh yeah, there's also a restaurant open on weekends, & we had to ring up their tabs, too.  That was the weekend that the first cook & his wife got fired!  Joe & Erica were so excited and had high hopes for the restaurant....but after working the first 3 days of the weekend, on Monday Joe passed out in the kitchen...well no sympathy from the boss...they were asked to leave!  Fortunately for them they got a gig in a Pub/restaurant in a nearby town. Speaking of towns, the closest was Strawberry (18 mi), Pine (21) both with small shops & restaurants.  Payson was 40 mi & it had a Walmart which we frequented at least every pusher week.  Flagstaff was 50 mi north, with a better selection if shopping but apr├Ęs boring ride. 
Well, then came the 4th of July weekend...this time we really were going to quit!! We even looked around for other campgrounds to move to (without a job).  Well, we figured we might as well stick it out...only one more holiday weekend to go.  We ended up giving a months notice to have our last day be 9/15/13.  Looking back, we're glad we did.  The biggest issues were the number of hours worked (which leveled out after asking for less hours) the tricky computer programs & the system going down on a regular basis,
boss yelling at the workers (fortunately not us).  Stress that caused me some GI issues. Cleaning that when you finished didn't look any cleaner!    Well now that it's over I guess it wasn't so bad  after all. At least we got paid an hourly wage & even got a $1 raise midway through the season.
We have new friends that we hope to keep in contact with.  We had a visit from a "lost pelican" that we fed until wildlife rescue came to get him!  We got to visit the kids a couple of times, including Abbey's birthday party.  The kids came up on the Sunday evening of Labor Day weekend and we got to have a cookout, as well as show off little Abbey.   The cool mountain weather...which now we are appreciating since we are now spending a month in the high desert.   So long Happy Jack!

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